Your Leader in Fiber to the Home Services

Established in 1999, JCSinc continues to be on the cutting edge of fiber optic technology. We work closely with local telephone companies to ensure our customers the fastest, most reliable service available. Working across the Upper Midwest, JCSinc is ready to provide the service you demand, and deserve.

JCSinc – Your Fiber Optic Communication Specialists

"JCS is an impressive professional organization with good folks who share our HBC mission to provide unparalleled personal service to our customers.  The JCS staff members are highly skilled and well-qualified.  HBC is proud to partner with them to meet our customers’ demands for superior advanced communications.  We are working at an unprecedented pace that required us to seek a professional partner with the shared core values and vision that mirrors those of HBC, and we found that with JCS."

–HBC General Manager, Jerry Olson